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About Us

DamalGroup , We work in several fields as ( Contractor & Maintenance , Media , Agriculture , Real Estate , Property , Industrial Services , Marketing , IT )

Also , We are Saudi Commercial Representative. (United Business Solutions/Consultants). Our company offering a range of different services for foreign companies: Commercial representation, investment, marketing, legal, information & registration … etc.

Project’s Importance for Local Market: Increasing demand to develop & diversify economy by supporting foreign investments & transferring technical know-how & experience.

Benefits for Foreign Companies: Expanding to new markets while achieving high financial & economic yields, as well as reducing risks of entering new markets by saving time & efforts,   benefiting from cumulative experience to have an effective business layout & operations ready set with minimal procedures & cost, passing away unnecessary problems/obstacles.


  • Many business advents think that entering new markets is an easy & uncostly process, and that they can get a considerable market share & projects very fast in the beginning, and forget competitors that have been available in the market for a while. Moreover, the local market needs strong relationships & trust to build on image, to avoid spending large amounts of money & long-time to get a considerable market share.
  • Each place has its own distinct culture & taste, and without the right partner, new business advents would exert a big effort to gain the right skills, experience & savings to get on the road of success in that new market & be able to deal professionally with people, understand their taste & be able to convince them to use/buy the newly offered product/service. We have all the required skills, relationships & business experience in the market to guide you to success & profitable, competitive, long lasting business there.

Your Goals

  • Would you like to have a smoothly-running business in Saudi Arabia?
  • Would you like to get new projects & make big profits?
  • Would you like to save your funds from unnecessary expenditures?
  • Would you like to save yourself from unnecessary business stress?